Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assign Me A Bug

At 2:15 the morning of a major presentation, I realize a very small feature is currently missing from Abundant.

It is currently not possible to assign an issue to a user.

Let's see how quickly I can fix this.

Update: Ten minutes, including testing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Categorizing Metadata

One of Abundant's major benefits is the freedom it allows developers, not locking them down into any specific workflow or requirements, nor requiring them to configure anything beforehand.

However often it is very beneficial to configure an issue tracker to define certain metadata fields as only allowing certain options.  For example, perhaps we want to track the severity of issues more formally, so we can know what needs to be dealt with first.  If there is no structure to the severity field, this is impossible, as anything one could want to type would be allowed, and the lack of structure would be a hindrance.

And so the most recent feature improvement to Abundant allows you to specify in a config file allowable and default values for much of an Abundant issue's metadata, in order to control this.  Future features include being able to sort and order based on these values, but this is lower priority than simply having the functionality there to utilize.  Now larger projects can organize issues in a structured way - again without any requirement to do so being placed on individuals or groups interested in using the tool more loosely.